Greyhound clothing

Greyhounds have no undercoat and very short fur. They also have little body fat to insulate them from either the heat of summer or the cold of winter. The rule of thumb is, if it is cool enough for you to need a jacket or coat, it is cool enough for your greyhound to need one too. Luckily most hounds tend to love wearing their fleece coats on cold, winter nights!

Some hounds run a little hotter or colder than others so it pays to get to know your own hound. You may also want to consider a single layer fleece for the transitional seasons of the year (or if you live further north) and a double fleece for the colder nights of winter.

Your hound will also appreciate a raincoat for the wetter days, in fact some hounds will refuse to leave their house when it is raining if their raincoat isn't on!

All our greyhound coats are handcrafted with love and care here in New Zealand.